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Chesterfield couch - the most famous couch in the world!

It is safe to say that the most famous and iconic piece of furniture out there is definitely the Chesterfield couch! Despite being British born, it has found its way across continents and cultures, and is defined as one of the most elegant pieces of furniture that truly creates a signature statement.

What is a Chesterfield couch?

What makes a classic Chesterfield couch easy to identify is that its back and armrests are the same height. This allows room for a deep seat and a sense of feeling immersed by the couch for relaxation and comfort. Classic Chesterfields are made from high quality leather and often come in a dark brown colour. They have a distinct type of buttoning and finish to the sofa which look like small fashionable indents.

At ‘The Custom Sofa Centre’ we have a range of classic and elegantly made Chesterfield sofas. Our most popular design is the original ‘Forest’ and ‘Winchester.’ However if you’re looking for a modern take on the Chesterfield sofa with a little more personality and pop, we’ve got those covered too! Check out the ‘London’ & ‘Harlow Chaise,’ available in over 40 different colours!

Chesterfield sofas are without a doubt timeless! There is no denying that whatever age or era, a Chesterfield sofa is an elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture, bringing style and class to any room. Originally seen as a sofa for Gentlemen’s clubs, the Chesterfield is making its way into everyday homes across Australia! With ‘The Custom Sofa Centre’ not only is this cost effective, but you know your sofa is going to be made with the finest material and highest quality manufacturing standards, built to last!

Chesterfield Leather Couch: A brief History.

Chesterfield sofas were first created in old England, in the 1600s - 1700s era. If legend is true, a politician and writer called Lord Stanhope, designed and commissioned the first ever leather chesterfield couch because he didn’t want his suits to crumble when sitting down, ironically he also wanted to create a sofa that didn’t invite his guests to stay for very long.

Lord Stanhope was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, giving the piece of furniture its very famous name! Back then they were stuffed with horsehair. Rumour has it that the Earl’s butler accidentally gave the chair away to Lord Stanhope's godson, on his deathbed when the Earl said, ‘get a chair for my godson!’ Which could have been a form of inheritance, or simply - ‘get my godson a chair to sit on to witness my death!’ Either way, big fans of the Chesterfield sofa are grateful as the godson put the couch on display, attracting hype and attention for centuries to come!

The original Chesterfield was probably not as comfortable as the design we know and love today. Due to Lord Stanhope’s anti-social nature, the intention behind the design was far from comfort. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria’s reign in the 1800s that Chesterfield really gained its frame and momentum as one of the stylish and comfortable sofas out there! In that period the industrial industry was starting to boom, we saw once practical pieces of furniture being developed and turned into luxurious customized sofa, for the elite of England only of course.

As the British empire grew, so did the Chesterfields popularity across nations. The British imported the Chesterfield to countries like Canada, India, Africa and of course our beloved Australia! That is why it is one of the most internationally known sofas out there!

Chesterfield couch set buying guide and how to take care of it

Over time the original Chesterfield design has been adapted and moderated by many carpenters. However despite this - the original design and structure has always maintained first place in popularity throughout! You want to make sure that the Chesterfield sofa you buy is built to last and is made with the finest materials and made by the best manufacturers. Here are some things to look out for below:

  • Sturdy frame

  • Impeccable cushioning

  • Fine upholstery

  • Quality suspension

  • Skilled sewing & attention to detail.

The basic formation of a chesterfield furniture is made from a wooden frame, quality springs to retain shape, the best stuffing for ultimate comfort and the right leather or fabric upholstery. When choosing the right sofa company, make sure their intention is always quality and your home comfort!

At ‘The Custom Sofa Centre’ we can make your dream Chesterfield lounge in 3 simple steps. Simply choose the right material, style and configuration online or in one of our 8 store locations. Most of our Chesterfields can be custom made. Choose from a range of colours to suit your personality and vibe.

Once you’ve found the right chesterfield couches for sale, it’s important to know how to clean and take care of it properly. Firstly it is all about positioning. Although our best chesterfield sofas are all sturdy and built to last, if you’re choosing leather upholstery you have to take care of where you position the sofa in your room. Black leather sofa doesn’t like too much heat or sunlight, as it affects the natural oils and wears it down.

When cleaning your leather Chesterfield sofa, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Dust the sofa, or use a light brushed hoover for time efficiency. Make sure you get down into the finishing and buttonings.

  2. Use a damp warm cloth to clean the surfaces of the sofa, use a specific leather cleaner or chlorine water only.

  3. Condition the leather once a month to keep the oils groomed. There are a vast range of conditioning cleaners on the market, make sure it is leather specific.

  4. Don’t forget to fluff the pillows for air and space!

Through the Custom Sofa Centre is it now possible to have your very own chesterfield sofa price, at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on creating iconic pieces of furniture that are built to last and bring something unique to your family home. Whether you use it for entertaining, or time alone like Lord Stanhope himself, there is no doubt that your home will look elegant and classic with a Chesterfield sofa!


Create a lavish and luxurious living room with the timeless Chesterfield couch from The Custom Sofa Centre.

Create a lavish and luxurious living room with the timeless Chesterfield couch from The Custom Sofa Centre.

This affordable and stylish Chesterfield couch from The Custom Sofa Centre can add a touch of timeless elegance to your living spaces.

This affordable and stylish Chesterfield couch from The Custom Sofa Centre can add a touch of timeless elegance to your living spaces.

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